Fluid sampling and formation pressure measurements are essential to optimizing your well completion and production designs for maximum profitability. Baker Hughes's Pressure Testing & Sampling services deliver key reservoir characterization, while drilling, to help you improve the designs of your wells and facilities, establish reserves, and engineer the best flow assurance program for your field.

Fully characterize reservoir fluids in real time. Get reliable, in-situ fluid analysis with multi-channel optical density and fluorescence measurements that accurately quantify fluid type and fractions in multi-phase flow, map compositional changes in a reservoir column, and accurately assess reservoir connectivity

Ensure high-quality sample capture. Accurately and easily monitor contamination and reservoir fluid properties with advanced spectrophotometric measurements and proprietary algorithms prior to capturing the final sample

Make informed decisions with fewer sampling runs. Save time on sampling and make faster development decisions with our sampling-while-drilling services that reliably collect up to 12 liters of single-phase reservoir fluid per run

Capture formation pressures in real time. Help optimize your well placement at reduced risk and increased wellsite safety with our formation-pressure-while-drilling services

Capture data during extreme weather. Acquire formation pressure tests in extreme weather, including high rig heave conditions, while avoiding nonproductive time associated with waiting for better weather

Let’s talk today about how our pressure testing and fluid sampling services can improve your well designs and optimize long-term production.


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