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Accredited Calibration Laboratory chooses Druck pressure controllers

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The customer

A UKAS 17025 Calibration Lab was researching a new pressure controller to improve their operation efficiency given the increased workload. It was in the advanced stages of assessing a Pressure Controller when it allowed Druck to demonstrate the PACE6000 solution.


Customer setup and challenge

The customer was mainly using high-end industrial pneumatic and hydraulic deadweight testers for calibrating a high number of portable pressure calibrators. It was experiencing an ever-increasing workload and needed a solution that provided greater efficiency across its pneumatic calibration process. It was imperative that the solution gave the lab a comparable level of measurement uncertainties in line with its current deadweight tester, over a range of -1bar to 210bar.


Druck solution

Druck proposed two PACE6000 pressure controller chassis with four CM3-B control modules. Detailed total uncertainty graphs were provided showing the performance of the relevant PACE CM3 ranges. A trial of the PACE6000 unit with CM3 module was demonstrated at the customer’s laboratory for in depth evaluation.


Customer benefits

At the calibration lab, controller stability and sensor long-term stability were among the most important criteria to evaluate during the onsite evaluation. The PACE6000 fitted with CM3 modules ticked all these boxes.

Following the demonstration, the customer chose to purchase the Druck PACE6000 pressure controllers with CM3-B pressure modules.

The PACE range of pressure controllers were perfect for the customer who needed a high accurate pressure controller with the best possible long term stability. The CM3 control module fitted with Druck’s proprietary sensing technology known as TERPS (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor), this makes the modular unit one of the most accurate and reliable solutions available for pressure control applications.

Delighted with the impact of implementing Druck’s pressure controller, the calibration lab has been able to not only improve productivity, but also deliver efficiencies and reduce costs.


Druck technology used to set the standards

Many calibration labs across the world choose Druck products because of the controller and its sensor long term stability. Accredited labs need confidence in the calibration product's precision and accuracy as they are always looking to improve their uncertainty budgets, which is influenced in a large part by the drift history of the pressure standard.

Druck has a wealth of data to substantiate our industry leading stability/drift figures.

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