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Baker Hughes’ business activities are classified within several categories of essential critical sectors or critical national infrastructure sectors, including but not limited to energy, oil & gas, utilities, transport, information technology and data infrastructure. The equipment and services that Baker Hughes provides ensure that these critical industries continue to operate safely. 

Druck, a Baker Hughes business based in Leicester, UK are a global technology company that designs, develops and manufactures the highest quality, most accurate and reliable customized pressure sensing devices and instruments, software and services.

Druck leverages innovation, continuous improvement and unprecedented quality, to enable its Customers to successfully operate, produce systems, monitor and/or control mission-critical assets in harsh environments across the world’s most challenging applications.

Druck delights customers with tailored solutions that address their challenges; embodying deep domain knowledge of customers’ applications, the most innovative and high-performance connected pressure sensing devices, instruments, software and services; produced with the highest standards of safety, quality and delivery.

Many of Druck’s sensors, equipment and services are playing a key role for customers and key industries such as healthcare, medical, transportation, power generation and oil & gas. Druck’s portable pressure calibrators and test tools are used in the following applications:

  • Druck’s DPI 705E pressure indicators are being used to perform pressure leak testing at the end of the production lines of companies producing medical support equipment for the thousands of units per day that they must manufacture to keep pace with the demands of the UK’s National Health Service
application for medical devices
  • Healthcare: devices and systems that require pressure or suction whilst operating, such as ventilators, blood pressure monitoring systems, sleep apnoea devices, and anaesthetic instrumentation. 


  • Oilfield: Verifying accuracy and integrity of pressure calibration for testing submersible pump performance.
  • Petrochemical: Test, verification and maintenance of assets within plants to ensure they run smoothly.
  • Nuclear power stations: Boiler feed pump lines, turbine efficiency, temperature measurement on plant coolant systems (RTD’s) and steam generator level transmitters.


  • Gas transportation: checks on gas compressor stations in remote locations and increase the pressure of gas for long-distance transportation.
  • Gas pipelines: Pressure testing and calibration of process transmitters in the energy sector (Liquid natural gas plant, process and pipeline facilities)


  • ADTS 405 series of Air Data Test Sets are used by many national militaries in calibration and verification of aircraft airspeed and altitude. These military aircraft are also supporting local and national teams move equipment and resources to remote locations


  • ADTS 500 series of Air Data Test Sets are used to calibrate commercial aircraft and are being used by several police and air ambulance aircraft across Europe.


Druck’s pressure sensors are used in the following applications:
Aerospace Technical Services Offering
  • Druck produces a range of Aerospace flight qualified pressure sensors for the following applications: - 
    • Engines – measuring critical oil and fuel pressures to provide propulsion
    • Cabin pressure – ensuring passengers onboard can breathe safely
    • Flight control – safe operation of flight surfaces + landing gear activation
    • Emergency services - fire protection, engine restart + emergency oxygen



Hydrology Sensor - UNIK5000


  • Hydrology depth, level and pressure sensors for ensuring clean drinking water is available and wastewater services utilities operate effectively.


  • 4Sight2 calibration management software to effectively manage calibration in crucial operations such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical and power plants.
  • TERPS (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensors) for gas turbines to generate electricity and power to serve both, residential and industrial applications.


  • UNIK5000 configurable modular pressure sensors are used in the production process of ventilators to help meet rapidly increasing demand to support health care systems.


In addition, Druck’s employees have been recognised by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as “ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INRASTRUCTURE WORKERS” and by the UK government as “Key Workers” during the COVID-19 response effort and as such are continuing to operate as close to a normal work schedule as is feasible. 

These are just a few examples of the ways Druck are supporting our community, our customers, our country and the world’s infrastructure during these unprecedented times.

We are Druck. We provide peace of mind in the toughest environments.





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