Druck pressure sensors to the Automotive Industry


Sensors built for accuracy and precision to support data gathering in automotive applications

Built for accuracy and precision, Druck pressure sensors are one of the leading technologies in the world of industrial testing

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When it comes to data gathering in industrial applications there are three key areas to consider: test applications, on-vehicle test and engine test cells.

As a result, our high accuracy sensor technology has been developed to support some of the most rigorous, challenging and precise applications, such as: 

Test Applications

On-vehicle Test

Engine Test cells

Explore Druck's solutions to each Automotive application
Test applications
Accuracy, Cost ownership, Process optimization, Difficult environments, Test repetition, Inventory management, Variation in pressure

To operate effectively in test applications you need confidence in the reliability of your instrumentation, which is critical to quality data collection. When faced with rapidly changing conditions, potential unit  failures and extreme environments, durability and robust design are key.

  • Accuracy: better than 0.01% FS
  • Cost ownership: reduce downtime and optimize processes with efficient, reliable and cost effective sensors that are ideal for long term reliability, accuracy and economical measurement
  • Process optimization: CANBus communication to enable less wiring requirements
  • Difficult environments: high shock and vibration 
  • Test repetition
  • Inventory management
  • Variation in pressure
Engine Test cells
Unknown Chemicals, Hot/High Vibration Environment, Multiple measuring Points and Time Constraints

Unknown Chemicals

Titanium or stainless steel metal work with appropriate cable corrosion can be chosen to reduce the risk of  chemical damaging sensors. This translates to a pressure module that provides:

•Great media compatibility with corrosive chemicals

•Gauge, negative gauge, absolute and differential  references that allow you to measure in the way  that suits you.

Hot/High Vibration Environment

Small size, fully welded construction and high quality  cable connections mean our products give reliable  operation in hot and high vibration environments,  giving you reliability, accuracy and stability when you need it the most.

Multiple measuring Points

By integrating proven Druck technology, we offer  CAN Bus protocol with up to 127 sensors on a single Bus. Such features reduce installation time as well  as infrastructure costs, reducing your cost of ownership and streamliningprocesses

Time Constraints

To ensure the excellent speed, efficiency, and reliability  of your automated pressure control infrastructure,  high speed modular pressure control systems are  critical to your operations, particularly when time s a factor. Because of this, we designed our PACE  product range with process optimization in mind.  Features, such as an interchangeable control module  translate to virtually zero downtime, helping you to save time and increase productivity.

Engine Test
Limited Space, Extreme Temperatures and High Vibration Environment

Limited Space

Druck offers pressure sensors that are small (25 mm, 17.5 mm, 12.5 mm) and light enough to be located on machines for testing that eradicate the need for additional expense and delayed readings associated with piping out pressure. Additionally, our cables are mechanically robust and immune from electro-magnetic interference.

Extreme Temperatures

Digital compensation allows for overall  accuracy of 0.1% that can be maintained over wide temperature ranges. The use of high quality electronic components give you a range of options to accurately measure temperature ranges from-40°C – +175°C., on-chip thermal  compensation ensures accurate data in the face of extreme conditions and rapid changes in temperature to 0.01%  full scale.

High Vibration Environment

Fully welded construction in high quality  materials, potted electronics and high  quality cable sheathing ensure both the  highest IP rating and reduce the risk of  damage, giving high shock and vibration  protection, in addition to Industrial EMC  protection to electrical noise, providing  many years of service in environments  with high levels of:

  • Vibration
  • Shock
  • Humidity
  • Electrical noise
  • Temperature variation