Baker Hughes Annual Meeting Q&A with Gordon Docherty

Baker Hughes Annual Meeting Q&A with Gordon Docherty

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Gordon Docherty, Druck’s Vice President, attended the Baker Hughes Annual Meeting in Florence at the end of January.  We recently caught up with him for a quick Q&A about the event and Druck’s role in helping to tackle the energy trilemma -


1. You recently attended the Baker Hughes Annual Meeting in Florence.  It’s been 3 years since the company has had an in-person Annual Meeting; how did you find the event and have you been before?

It was a first time visit for me, but it showed me the scale of the Baker Hughes business and was a good reminder of just how important Baker Hughes and its technologies are in supporting the Energy Trilemma. It was great to meet internal contacts and external customers, while showcasing our technology in the Solutions Fair was a unique opportunity to demonstrate Druck’s relevance in the Industrial and Energy Transition journey.


2. The theme of this year’s Annual Meeting was ‘Balance and Momentum’What’s your take on how Druck fits into this year’s theme?

Druck very much complements the Balance and Momentum theme. Technology is at the heart of tackling the Energy Trilemma and continuing the momentum behind the Energy Transition. A number of Druck technologies today already support climate monitoring and emissions reduction. For instance our TERPS sensors, providing unrivalled levels of accuracy, increase efficiency in Baker Hughes gas turbines by monitoring and controlling very accurately the fuel flow. As we transition to more sustainable fuels like hydrogen, Druck’s new pressure sensors, which are H2 fully compatible with special protective coating, will help our customers measure hydrogen to the highest levels of accuracy and provide peace of mind for our customers across a wide range of critical applications. 


3. Druck had technologies on display at the event. Can you tell us a little more about them and how well where they were perceived by those in attendance? 

Druck had a number of products on display, including the TERPS sensors referenced above. We also had on display the new DPI610E handheld pressure calibrator for hazardous areas. It helps our customers become more efficient, improves their productivity and helps the performance of their operations through a number of digital offerings such as our 4Sight2.0 calibration software that reduces downtime and ensures paperless calibration. We had a strong level of interest in the DPI610E at the Annual Meeting and I’m pleased that our new products are having such a positive reaction with our customers.


4. What where your key highlights from the event?

The key highlights for me were twofold:

  1. Meeting many of our customers and Channel Partners. In terms of understanding our customers and their needs, you simply cannot beat face to face interaction. 
  2. Seeing for myself how relevant Druck is to the overall Baker Hughes portfolio.  As we continue to push the Energy Transition and support the Energy Trilemma, it is clear that Baker Hughes, Druck included, and our collective technologies have a vital role to play.   


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