Fluid characterization is essential for determining the best completion design and reservoir management strategy for your assets.

The Baker Hughes FluidViewTM three-phase fluid saturation service gives you quantitative, three-phase formation fluid saturation analysis in light-oil or high-salinity reservoirs—right through the casing. Combining pulsed-neutron-induced, high-resolution gamma-ray data from the Reservoir Performance Monitor™ (RPM™) service and pre-job Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) modeling, the FluidView service delivers highly accurate, quantitative analysis—without the ambiguity common with traditional cased-hole formation evaluation techniques.


Quantitative saturation in different reservoirs

Regardless of your reservoir conditions, the FluidView service’s highly versatile processing methodology delivers the multi-phase saturation solution you require. For low-salinity formation waters and light-oil reservoirs, the FluidView service uses a combination of MCNP modeling and Inelastic and Capture ratios from multiple through-casing detectors.

For high-salinity reservoirs, the service delivers a three-phase saturation solution by adding Sigma measurements to the  MCNP modeling and Inelastic and Capture ratios. Using curve overlay techniques, Sigma logging also gives you qualitative measurements of gas saturation in low- or mixed-salinity formation waters.


Forward-looking predictions in varying reservoir conditions

Get a more accurate quantitative fluid saturation analysis by incorporating the collected data into our comprehensive MCNP modeling service. Generate forward-looking models that predict the curve response for varying combinations of porosity, mineralogy, formation fluid density, formation gas pressure and density, borehole holdup, and completion configurations. The dynamic curve response envelope algorithm gives you greater confidence in the reliability of the measured and processed data.


Efficient acquisition

You get access to a wealth of reservoir data by combining the FluidView service with other services in the RPM portfolio. Sharpen your understanding of the reservoir with data from the GasViewTM salinity-independent quantitative gas saturation service, the OilViewTM two-phase fluid saturation service in light-oil reservoirs, the NEOTM neutron-emulated openhole log service, and the RockViewTM Slim basic lithology service.

Contact us to learn how the FluidView three-phase fluid saturation service can improve your understanding of your formation fluids.

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