When a well no longer produces enough hydrocarbons to remain economically viable, it becomes a liability instead of an asset. At that stage, operators are looking for the most economical, reliable solutions for responsibly abandoning the well. But, juggling low-cost suppliers and organizing delivery schedules can be complicated and time-consuming.

Baker Hughes offers integrated well abandonment solutions that simplify the well decommissioning process. Our level of support is flexible, scalable, and can be tailored from single services to fully managed turnkey projects. No matter the level of engagement, Baker Hughes is focused on delivering safe, reliable, cost-effective operations from the surface to the reservoir.

Our comprehensive integrated portfolio allows us to tailor our approach to each customer and asset, helping meet objectives and adhere to all relevant and local regulations. From sealing the cap rock to final wellhead removal, we help minimize costs, improve reliability, and reduce nonproductive time (NPT). Baker Hughes experts partner with our customers to help simplify and streamline all aspects of well abandonment. The result is safe, reliable, economic solutions that won’t break the bank.

We make sure we understand your challenges — technical, economical, and time-related — so we can effectively transform the burden of well abandonment into a seamless, final step in the life of the well. Baker Hughes maintains alliances and close relationships with leading vessel and specialist companies so we can further push the technical boundaries of traditional plug and abandonment processes , delivering greater value through integrated operations that maximize efficiency and leverage the right technologies.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative today to start the conversation about decommissioning your well.

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Plug and abandonment services

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