Optimize your chemical treatment programs—from the oilfield to the refinery—with Intelligent Chemistry from Baker Hughes.

These solutions deliver leading automation advances in several areas—helping you extend your asset run life, reduce your operating costs, minimize your carbon emissions, and help your personnel work safer and smarter.


Achieve unparalleled efficiency levels in the oilfield

Intelligent Chemistry provides a smarter management solution that integrates new digital and automation technologies with efficient processes.

Optimize your oilfield treatments while curbing emissions with advanced solutions that include:

  • Smart injection, batch treatment, and remote tank-level monitoring systems that automate chemical injection and inventory management at each well—enabling you to protect your downhole systems and maximize production, while limiting non-productive time and improving your chemical ordering process.
  • Proven machine-learning algorithms that underpin predictive, data-driven field management and streamlined chemical delivery processes, leading to reduced manpower requirements and minimising HSE risk in the field.
  • Smart treater truck software and real-time chemical delivery management systems that provide efficient and accurate well-site batch treatment and deliver optimized delivery scheduling, enabling greater operational efficiency and fewer miles on the road.
Maximize the performance of your downstream processes

Intelligent Chemistry also utilizes cloud-based predictive modeling and real-time process monitoring to maximize the profitability of your refinery process units and ensure the reliability of your utility systems.

  • Real-time overhead analyzers and desalting systems keep your crude units free of corrosion and upset conditions.
  • Advanced crude and fuel oil blending models help you process more discounted feed stocks for maximum process profitability.
  • Smart water treatment systems automatically assess, alert, treat, and remediate processing challenges in your cooling towers, boilers and wastewater treatment plants.

Want to maximize your oilfield production rates, improve the profitability of your downstream assets, and minimize your environmental footprint? Contact us to learn more about Intelligent Chemistry today.

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