• Retrieve up to 60 1-in. OD, industry-standard core samples per run
  • Obtain cores in a wide range of borehole sizes and the most extreme downhole environments
  • Monitor and control the operation in real time using a graphical user interface

  • Complex reservoirs with varied formations and borehole orientations
  • Harsh reservoir conditions
  • Operations requiring precise core measurements at specific depths

Improve your reservoir evaluation with the Baker Hughes PowerCOR™ sidewall coring tool, an advanced rotary coring device for cutting and retrieving up to 60 sidewall core samples in a single run.


Reliable, wide-ranging core sampling

The computer-controlled, electrically powered PowerCOR tool acquires and recovers quality core plugs at specified depths using wireline conveyance. Subsequent analysis of these cores can help you acquire accurate reservoir data and reduce uncertainty by calibrating the wireline logs, estimating and verifying reserves, designing effective completions, and extending the life of wells. Fundamental properties like porosity, permeability, saturation, and lithology provide important insights to help you understand the economics of your reservoir and field development.

You can confidently acquire uniformly sized sidewall cores under a range of formation conditions, including environments up to 25,000 psi pressure and temperatures up to 400°F (204°C). The PowerCOR tool is the slimmest tool in the market, which helps minimize the risk of differential sticking due to reduced surface area in contact with the borehole.

These features allow you to deploy the tool in borehole sizes ranging from 5-7/8 in. to 17 in. and orientations from vertical to horizontal. The durable tool also provides reliable coring in all formation types—from soft to hard rocks and from sand to shale to carbonate.


Efficient delivery of quality cores

You can acquire high quality data in less time and cost than conventional coring operations, thanks to the PowerCOR tool’s wireline deployment and engineering advances that deliver more horsepower to the bit.  A powerful electric-drive motor provides maximum power transfer to keep the bit moving consistently with variable torque requirements during the coring process. The bit is engineered for more efficient removal of cutting debris while reducing the risk of compaction and shattering of the core. As a result, you get higher quality core samples for your analysis, with less rig time.

The tool includes a graphical user interface that lets you continuously monitor and control the coring operation in real time. A built-in scintillation detector provides a gamma ray log for correlation and precise depth control of your coring points. The core identification and real-time decision-making afforded lets you optimize the number of cores you collect while reducing the overall time for your coring operation.

Contact us to learn how the PowerCOR sidewall coring tool can help you improve your reservoir evaluation for maximum hydrocarbon recovery.



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