• Protect your core from dynamic filtrate invasion with an extended pilot shoe
  • Reduce core damage while improving penetration rates with enhanced face-discharge core bits
  • Prevent dynamic and static filtrate invasion with custom-designed coring system

  • Enhanced coring operations



Invasion of drilling fluid filtrates into your core samples can make subsequent analyses of water saturation, effective permeability, and residual oil saturation unreliable and speculative at best. The CoreGard™ low-invasion coring system from Baker Hughes minimizes drilling fluid filtrate invasion during the coring process, ensuring that you get the best possible core for analysis.


Advanced design for improved collection

The system incorporates several advances to ensure minimum invasion during core cutting and collection.  

  • A specially designed, low-invasion core bit features face-discharge ports that direct drilling fluid flow to the cutter and away from the core column being cut
  • A pilot shoe at the end of the inner core barrel extends far into the throat of the core bit to protect the core from excessive contact with the drilling fluid
  • Specially formulated drilling fluids rapidly create a filter cake on the surface of the core to protect from filtrate invasion and minimize the interaction between the fluid and the formation

Because your major reservoir production decisions depend on the information obtained from a core analysis, you need to ensure that you’re collecting a high-quality, uninvaded core sample. The CoreGard low-invasion coring system delivers, with increased coring penetration rates and unique design features to prevent filtrate invasion and protect the core—from the first cut until it is pulled from the hole.

Contact us to learn how the CoreGard system can help you secure the best possible core for your analysis.


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