• Ensure increased core integrity during cutting
  • Get improved geological data for advanced reservoir evaluation
  • Ensure superior coring performance in complex lithologies

  • Enhanced coring operations
  • Difficult-to-acquire formations
  • Coring in complex lithologies



To acquire the most accurate formation evaluation data, you need assurances that you’re collecting truly representative core samples. The Baker Hughes CoreGel™ downhole core encapsulation system protects your core from drilling fluid invasion to ensure your subsequent analysis provides an accurate assessment of your reservoir conditions.


Proven protection

The CoreGel system represents a significant breakthrough in coring technology. The system encapsulates your core in a viscous, non-invasive, protective gel as soon as it is cut. The gel, formulated from water-insoluble, high molecular weight polypropylene compounds, prevents contamination from the drilling fluid at every stage of the process—from cutting and recovery to surface handling and transportation.

Each gel formulation possesses high lubricity, viscosity, and heat capacity—properties that make them ideal for challenging formations. The gel is preloaded before delivery and remains isolated from the drilling fluid during hole tripping. At bottom, the gel is displaced by, and forced around, the core as it enters the barrel.  As it encapsulates the sample, the gel lubricates the core to reduce the risks of jamming in the inner barrel.

By protecting the core throughout the process, the CoreGel system delivers a sample with improved physical integrity after decompression, which lets your subsequent core analysis deliver a more accurate determination of key rock properties that inform your long-term production planning.

Contact us to learn more about how the CoreGel system can deliver truly representative reservoir samples for your analysis.

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