• Ensure reliable, zero leakage seal protection in extreme HP/HT and heavy debris environments
  • Save trips downhole with fully resettable, remote opening feature with unlimited open/close cycles
  • Increase operational flexibility through mechanical and hydraulic operation

  • Deepwater applications with high pressures and temperatures
  • High-rate, high-pressure gravel/frac-pack applications, single or multizone
  • Openhole and cased-hole gravel pack applications

Ensure a gas-tight seal of your reservoir before installing the upper completion with the Stratos™ isolation valve from Baker Hughes. Designed for reliability in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) and debris-laden wells, the Stratos isolation valve provides the robust seal integrity you need to safely deploy the upper completion—with minimal nonproductive time (NPT) and risk.


Flexible operation, assured wellbore isolation

High temperatures and pressures and debris build up are common challenges in harsh deepwater wells—often compromising the reliable operation of lower completion isolation valves. Stratos isolation valves are bi-directional valves that facilitate fluid isolation and temporary well suspension for safe tool deployment and upper completion installation in extreme environments.

Stratos valves give you increased flexibility with two operation modes.

  • The Stratos hydraulic isolation valve provides unlimited remote openings, eliminating additional trips to open or close the valve. You get increased operational reliability and flexibility, along with assured access to your formation at any time during the life of the well.
  • The Stratos mechanical isolation valve offers simple and reliable operation through shifting tools. This gives you a cost-effective operation option when remote actuation is not possible.

Stratos valves are designed specifically for your debris-laden, extreme deepwater environments and rated to withstand temperatures up to 400°F (204.4°C) and pressures up to 15,000 psi (1034.2 bar). The valves also include a large debris sump to protect the hydraulic actuation ports and ensure trouble-free opening and closing, even if debris has accumulated above the valve.

All Stratos valves are V1 qualified to the American Petroleum Institute (API) 19V standard—the highest rating for barrier valves. They are qualified to API 14310 validation level V0, confirming gas-tight performance when used as a well barrier.


Cost-effective deployment and activation

Minimize costly fluid losses and protect your formation from damage with the Stratos valve’s zero-leakage sealing technology. Each seal’s debris-resistant design assures you reliable operation and a reduced risk of additional runs to open mechanically or mill out the ball. And when deployed with the Baker Hughes SC-XPgravel- and frac-pack system, the valve can be installed without the need for an inner string.

Both Stratos isolation valve designs give you a wide range of shifting options.

  • The Baker Hughes service string shifting tool is typically included on the inner string and closes the valve as the workstring is pulled out of hole
  • A coiled-tubing shifting tool offers a slimline design to allow shifting operations through the upper completion, with flow or pressure activation via coiled-tubing or electric wireline
  • A completion shifting tool (CST) is deployed on the upper completion tailpipe to shift open the Stratos mechanical valve for maximum production flow area and greater accessibility for intervention and stimulation operations

Contact us to learn how Stratos isolation valves can improve the reliability and reduce the costs on your next well completion.

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