• Make faster decisions by analyzing core samples at the wellsite
  • Keep core samples protected and secure while pulling out of hole
  • Avoid unnecessary additional coring runs and begin further drilling and completion runs sooner

  • Exploratory wells
  • Drilling operations in remote locations, including offshore
  • Well developments requiring quick, accurate decisions to shorten rig time



Improve the speed and certainty of your drilling and completions decisions in the field with the LaserCut™ liner system from Baker Hughes. By securely capturing core material downhole and enabling easy access at surface, the system affords quick and accurate wellsite core analysis.


Secure downhole sampling, faster surface analysis

The LaserCut system is designed with enhanced safety features, easy rig floor core handling, and one-piece liners for splitting at the surface. The system comprises a series of aluminum liners that are run in-hole as integral one-piece units. Once cores are cut, the system protects and securely containerizes the core until it is pulled out of hole.

Once at surface, the liners are easily and quickly separated along lengthwise laser cuts to expose the core samples. This lets your wellsite team rapidly examine the core for more timely, cost-saving decisions regarding further coring or drilling operations.

The LaserCut system has been deployed successfully with the HT30 Max™ core barrel system, which acquires longer, high-quality core samples per run, even in harsh environments. Together, the LaserCut and HT30 systems reduce core acquisition costs and improve core sampling while saving rig time. Wellsite geologists can open and view entire 30-ft (9.1 m) sections from the LaserCut system, and then more accurately determine where to collect the core plugging sample.

Contact us to learn more about how the LaserCut liner system can streamline and improve your core analysis.

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