• Save rig time by retrieving up to 60 1 ½-in. OD core samples per run
  • Acquire up to 225% more pore volume per unit than standard cores for more accurate analysis
  • Ensure effective core sampling even in extreme-condition reservoirs

  • Complex reservoirs such as gas shales
  • Harsh reservoir conditions
  • Operations requiring accurate core measurements that rely on pore volume

Improve your core-recovery efficiency, even under harsh well conditions, with the MaxCOR™ service from Baker Hughes. Our large-diameter sidewall rotary coring tool efficiently recovers 1 ½-in. diameter cores with 225% more pore volume per unit length compared to standard 1-in. cores. For your field development, this translates to more accurate reservoir evaluation for optimal hydrocarbon recovery.

Larger cores, improved analysis

With just a half-inch increase in core diameter, the MaxCOR service vastly improves your analysis of measurements that depend on pore volume. Parameters such as porosity, water saturation, capillary pressure, and general special core analysis (SCAL) are all measured with far greater accuracy than is possible from standard core sizes. The larger MaxCOR cores also improve the geomechanical characterization of your rock, allowing you to make more effective completion and production decisions in gas shales and other complex reservoirs.

Reliable, efficient core recovery

The MaxCOR service uses the same direct-drive electric motor technology as the PowerCOR™ sidewall coring tool to power the bit. Unlike traditional hydraulic motors, the MaxCOR motor is controlled by an advanced downhole power management system, which maximizes the power transfer efficiency under all conditions of load and borehole temperature. As a result, the bit moves consistently with variable torque requirements during the coring process.

The rotational speed of the bit is more than three times faster than for hydraulic-driven bits. In addition, the bit is engineered for more efficient removal of cutting debris while reducing the risk of compaction and shattering of the core. You get larger, higher quality core samples for your analysis with significantly less coring time.

Use the MaxCOR service to reliably retrieve up to 60 core samples during a single trip in the well. Achieve high core-recovery efficiency under a variety of operating conditions, including environments with pressures up to 25,000 psi and temperatures up to 400 ̊F (204 ̊C).

Contact us to learn more about how the MaxCOR service’s high-quality, large-diameter cores can improve your reservoir analysis and ultimate hydrocarbon recovery.

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