• Maximize offshore treatment flexibility and reliability with process-controlled systems
  • Get advanced remote control and monitoring of systems during treatments
  • Ensure rapid quality control of fluid systems and chemicals with vessel laboratory

  • Offshore stimulation operations
  • Acidizing and fracturing operations
  • Sand and well control operations



Ensure reliable and efficient offshore stimulation services with the Blue Marlin™ stimulation vessel from Baker Hughes. The class-certified, dynamically positioned vessel combines advanced instrumentation and control; redundant, job-critical equipment; and customized stimulation fluid systems to deliver the right stimulation treatment for your challenging deepwater wells.


Optimize your stimulation jobs with a full-service vessel

The Blue Marlin stimulation vessel is equipped with a range of features to optimize your stimulation uptime and ensure enhanced production and profits. The vessel is equipped with 15,000-psi (103.4-MPa) pumps and treating lines. It also has a 12,800-hydraulic horsepower pumping capacity and accommodates 34 crew members, enabling nonstop operations for large-scale projects. These capabilities allow completion of multiple well treatments on a single voyage, without the need to return to dock to resupply.

The Blue Marlin’s DP-2 system provides reliable station-keeping capabilities to stay positioned above your well during the stimulation job. The vessel also integrates equipment controls with the EZTreat™ treatment control software and assures reliable stimulation data collection, analysis, and monitoring with the JobMaster™ monitoring software.

The vessel’s fully equipped laboratory delivers rapid quality control of fluid systems and chemicals, while its process-controlled systems maximize treatment flexibility and reliability.

Contact us today to find out how the Blue Marlin stimulation vessel can deliver custom-engineered solutions to maximize the efficiency of your offshore completion and intervention operations.

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