• Use inside standard sand control screens thanks to a slimline outside diameter
  • Get reliable shifting using standard wireline or coiled tubing-conveyed tools
Other Benefits

  • Eliminate O-ring thread seals and potential leak paths with strategically located body joints and thread connections



SLCM™ series isolation valves from Baker Hughes are high-performance, nonelastomeric valves that give you reliable communication and flow control between your tubing and annulus.

These proven devices allow for versatility during installation of a gravel-packed completion while providing a reliable inflow device during selective production once the completion is installed. The SLCM’s small outside diameter allows it to be placed into gravel pack screens without any modifications.

SLCM valve options include the SLCMD for downward opening and SLCMU for upward opening. Each valve features either a long- and short-slot profile insert to allow you to independently operate multiple SLCMs and control production from multiple zones.


Ensure reliable, robust operation any time

The valves may be opened and closed an unlimited number of times, giving you an economical circulation and selective-zone production option for the life of the well. The valves may be shifted open or closed using a variety of standard wireline methods and tools. Should the SLCM valve be installed in a highly deviated or horizontal completion where standard wireline methods are not possible, it can be shifted open or closed with coiled tubing or a range of shifting tools.

The SLCM series isolation valves are designed with standard features, including BX™ nipple profile, RTS–8™ and BST-8 box x pin end connections, 10,000 psi (689 bar) burst and collapse rating, and a nominal pressure opening differential of 1,500 psi (103 bar).

And to ensure compatibility with your completion fluids and drilling muds, the valves are available in different standard material configurations for standard service. For corrosive service (NACE), the valve is available in 17-4 PH stainless steel.

Contact us to learn how SLCMD and SLCMU isolation valves can optimize your zonal isolation and production from multiple zones.

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