• Achieve multiple cuts in a single run to minimize rig time and costs
  • Improve accuracy with real-time surface monitoring and controls
  • Minimize debris while avoiding damage to outer assemblies

  • Opening tubulars for cement squeezes
  • Asphaltene and scale clean up
  • Restore circulation



Get unsurpassed speed, versatility, and precision in your tubing punching operations with the MPC InCision™ slot cutter from Baker Hughes.

Whether you need to restore circulation, remediate a poor cementing job, or clean up the annulus behind the casing to improve productivity, MPC InCision slot cutters create precise, limited-entry openings in your tubulars—quickly and cost-effectively.


Ensure fast, accurate execution

Conventional punching operations tend to be inaccurate, difficult to control, and raise the risk of damaging your sensitive equipment such as control lines, adjacent casings, and screens located behind the casing. And because conventional ballistic solutions are subject to regulatory constraints that limit quick mobilization, you’ll likely face deployment delays and increased nonproductive time (NPT).

MPC InCision slot cutters are designed to avoid these challenges. You can use the tool’s telemetry data to monitor the cutting blade’s progress in real-time and confirm that each opening is fully completed in a controlled manner, without damaging outer assemblies. And because it is a non-ballistic tool, the MPC InCision cutter can be easily mobilized and delivered to any location.

Unlike other cutters, the MPC InCision slot cutter can make multiple cuts in just one trip. Thanks to its rugged design and solid track record in the field, you’re assured safe and effective cutting through a variety of materials and different tubing sizes.

Contact us to learn how the MPC InCision slot cutter can bring speed, versatility, and precision to your tubing opening operations.


4.5 in. tubular with inCsion slot cuts
4.5 in. tubular with inCsion slot cuts

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