Standard Performance (SP) wellbore cleanup systems from Baker Hughes ensure effective, reliable casing cleaning in your conventional and unconventional oil and gas wells.

Part of the X-Treme Clean™ line of wellbore cleanup mechanical tools, SP systems provide 360° coverage of your casing’s inner diameter (ID) for better cleaning and improved long-term production rates.

The simple, robust SP 360° clean bore casing scraper cleans casing through reciprocation or rotation—improving cleaning efficiency while ensuring easy operation. Your cleaning operation will benefit from the tool’s hard-faced blades and solid piece of heat-treated alloy steel making up the casing scraper mandrel—both of which enhance tool endurance and service life. The SP 360° is proven to remove the most challenging restrictions—including cement, mud, rust, scale, and paraffin—from inside the casing wall.

The SP D roto-vert tubing scraper is deployed on tubing or wireline to provide a reliable and economical cleaning solution for your casing internals. The SP D is normally run with a bit or mill dressed to drift. And thanks to its 360° reach without rotation, you’re assured a fast, efficient cleaning solution for solid coatings obstructing the flow path in your casing.

Contact us to learn how SP wellbore cleanup systems can help you clean your casing interiors—efficiently and cost effectively.

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