Optimal well placement

By avoiding significant simplifications, our unique gridding methodology builds a realistic 3D picture of subsurface geology.

  • Perform accurate, high-resolution gridding
  • Optimize production and recovery with fewer wells
  • Mitigate geological risk
Faster, more collaborative planning

Integrated into a single application, our guided workflows present the subsurface from any angle or assess any risk—at the click of a button.

  • Utilize fast and efficient automated digital workflows
  • Quickly integrate cross-discipline data and insights
  • Transfer data without loss between workflows
Reduced investment risk

Our software simulates and compares complex combinations of subsurface risk parameters and geological scenarios, in real time.

  • Enrich insights through advanced scenario modeling
  • Reduce uncertainty for every subsurface parameter
  • Compare multiple geological scenarios


Building a reliable and accurate picture of deep geological structures is critical for every stage in the life of a field and well. But subsurface structures are inherently unpredictable, and insights are only as good as the model they’re derived from.

At Baker Hughes, we know that the better the model, the more risk is eliminated during drilling, completion, and production. The JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling application is an innovative, powerful application that generates precise geological models and actionable insights at speed. Designed for a seamless user experience, its intuitive, integrated workflows generate the subsurface intelligence required to maximize production and recovery and minimize non-productive time and costs.

Oversimplified gridding leads to inaccurate assessments of in-place volumes, sub-optimal well placement, and poor investment decisions. We know how important it is to see reservoirs in realistic detail, so we’re obsessed with accuracy: unlike pillar or stairstep gridding, our revolutionary gridding technology avoids significant simplifications, ensuring we accurately capture all geometries. With models that extend from below the reservoir to the surface, our reliable and versatile physics-based algorithms rapidly assess any combination of geological scenarios and subsurface risk parameters, from the structure of the formation itself to the properties of its fluid contents.

From intricate fault systems to unconformities and salt intrusions, advanced scenario planning removes uncertainty and enables more reliable evaluation of the most complex geology—providing a solid foundation for optimal well planning. Class-leading subsurface insights enable you to avoid geohazards, stay in zone, maximize reservoir contact, and link up isolated pockets of oil and natural gas. From drilling, completion, and production to business outcomes, JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling makes the unpredictable predictable and ensures maximum value is safely captured from each well.

We also know that every second counts, so we’ve designed a collaborative interface that accelerates response times. With cross-discipline digital processes integrated into one application, data can be seamlessly transferred between workflows without data losses, and structural and geological models can be updated in real time to reflect the latest downhole intelligence. Our application connects to industry-standard simulators, allowing you to continuously monitor reserves, production rates, and other critical parameters of field-development planning—without losing any structural detail.

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