• Quickly and precisely place wells in your reservoir’s most productive zones
  • Improve horizontal drilling performance and reservoir contact with detailed downhole data
  • Ensure safe, predictable wellsite operations by monitoring drilling and formation data in real time



  • Extended-reach and complex directional wells
  • Deepwater and HP/HT well environments
  • Geothermal wells and CCUS operations



Land your wellbore in the most productive zone—and keep it there all the way to target depth (TD)—with directional drilling services from Baker Hughes. Whatever your reservoir environment, our integrated suite of horizontal directional drilling technologies helps lower your well construction costs and boost production in several critical ways. 


Reach TD faster

Shorten your time to TD with drilling motors that deliver higher rates of penetration (ROPs), more power and torque, greater build rates from kick off, and high reliability in high-temperature reservoirs. Designed for drilling optimization in hard rock formations, our durable mud motors deliver high-quality boreholes in one run.


Pinpoint wellbore placement

Maximize drilling efficiency and wellbore placement with our rotary steerable systems. With continuous proportional steering and near-bit inclination measurements, our rotary steerables help build smoother, high-integrity wells that facilitate faster completions.


Geosteer with real-time reservoir insights

Reduce drilling risks, improve hole quality and stability, and navigate through thin beds with our real-time reservoir mapping and navigation solutions. Our full suite of tools—including logging-while-drilling/measurement-while-drilling (LWD/MWD), formation evaluation, mud-pulse, and wired-pipe telemetry—help geosteer with certainty in your zone of interest.


Widen your path to target

Safely and reliably enlarge your wellbores and eliminate rat holes with our expandable hole enlargement, reamer, and ream-while-drilling tools.


Continuously track drilling performance

Identify drilling and wellbore instability problems early, without adding rig time, with our real-time data monitoring, collection, and interpretation expertise. 


Optimize drilling operations for the energy transition

Count on our directional drilling expertise to advance your energy transition goals.

In carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) operations, we leverage our proven record of well design, directional drilling, and completions to ensure efficient, high-quality carbon dioxide injection wells to enable long-term storage in your underground reservoirs.

And for enhanced geothermal systems, our directional drilling systems ensure more precise placement of your injection and production wells. With ongoing advances in downhole cooling systems and directional tools rated for deeper, hotter wells, we help take the risk and uncertainty out of your geothermal projects.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative today to learn how our directional drilling services can help maximize well placement with greater speed, assured safety, and lower costs.

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