Download the full case study to see how we delivered three deepwater wells on time and ahead of schedule, saving this operator $16.5 million USD.


Design and build your well for maximum safety and production gains with Integrated Well Services (IWS) from Baker Hughes. Combining pre-planning strategies, engineering expertise, cutting edge technologies, and industry best practices, IWS services can help you achieve your long-term well integrity and production goals—with lower cost and risk.


Detailed planning through collaboration

A full-service project management methodology ensures that all aspects of a project are carried out for maximum efficiency and long-term production.

We work closely with you to optimally design, prepare, and execute a detailed well construction plan based on our IWS project management processes. During the planning stage, our team and GaffneyCline Energy Advisory group evaluate your subsurface risks and prepare mitigation plans. We also collaborate to determine which technologies will deliver your well project’s technical goals with minimum nonproductive time (NPT) and increased drilling efficiency—all while maintaining the utmost safety and well integrity standards.  

Based on our deep understanding of your well construction challenges, we develop a technology roadmap for each stage of the process. You’re assured that the right Baker Hughes technologies are ready for deployment when they’re needed, and that the interfaces between different technologies and services are integrated seamlessly for minimal downtime. 

In addition, the IWS Operations and Supply Chain teams help develop your third-party contractors’ on-boarding, project management, and mobilization plans. 


Putting the plan into action

To ensure seamless and efficient project execution, IWS ensures open and clear communication amongst all project stakeholders. Our project management team aligns your execution process with our internal stage-gate process to adhere to critical standards and processes. Whether remotely or at the wellsite, the IWS teams manage your operations at the wellsite, including risk management, contingency planning, and troubleshooting, while delivering safe and consistent service.

Continuous monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—established by both the customer and Baker Hughes—help ensure proper actions are taken when required.  All lessons learned are captured, shared with all relevant parties, and added to the Knowledge Management database to ensure that these lessons are applied in the next operation. Our cyclic planning allows your project team to optimize well delivery based upon lessons learned and continuous improvement.

And upon successful completion of the project, our IWC teams review your entire project execution, capture lessons learned, and identify improvement opportunities that you can use to optimize your next project.  

Contact us today to learn how Integrated Well Construction services from Baker Hughes can help you consistently deliver wells that meet your production goals, with minimal delays and safety risks.

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