Long-term Service Agreement (LTSA)
Long-Term Service Agreements

OEM maintenance and machine health services for planned and unplanned intervention over the entire equipment lifecycle

Our Multi Maintenance Programs support customer-driven maintenance with access to the latest technologies and value services. Our Contractual Service Agreements, on the other hand, deliver availability and productivity guarantees through a risk-reward mode over the full asset lifecycle.

Advisory Service Header
Advisory Service

A global team helping customers transform their strategies into practical actions

Our Advisory Service team capabilities include preparation for outage events, parts inventory analysis, technical issue resolution, cybersecurity improvements, fleet optimization, availability and reliability improvements, complex feasibility studies—and much more.



The quest for productivity and operational excellence begins long before contract signings or ground-breaking ceremonies—and must continue relentlessly throughout the life of any plant or industrial asset if the operation is to stay competitive and survive. It's about continuous improvement of efficiency in every possible aspect of the operation. It’s also about being innovative—using existing technology in different ways, adopting new technologies to better solve old problems, continually combining proven and new to do it better. The most progress is made when all the pieces come together along the way.


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