No matter the size or scope of your challenge, a customized solution from Baker Hughes can make your wells’ and fields’ production more predictable and profitable. 


Get the outcomes you need with reservoir insights and proven production technology

Starting with a clear understanding of your production goals and the subsurface environment, our Production Solution experts leverage industry-leading ESPs and unmatched oilfield chemistry expertise to design a customized program that keeps your production flowing and keeps your cash where it belongs—in your pocket.

Whether its maximizing ESP run life to minimize your CAPEX spend or modifying the chemical mix to reduce your OPEX spend, our experts can design and implement the most efficient and effective solution for your well by:

  • Understanding the subsurface and production environment’s challenges
  • Comparing options to minimize risks and maximize returns
  • Delivering solutions with fit-for-purpose technologies.
The result? Predictable, profitable production.

Computer image of an artificial lift tool.
Solution spotlight

Artificial lift

Maximize production through integrated solutions.

Photo of a person doing testing at a refinery.
Solution spotlight

Asset integrity management

Extend asset life while safeguarding your workers, nearby communities, and the environment at large.

Intelligent Chemicals graphic.
Solution spotlight

Intelligent chemistry

Increase efficiencies and curb emissions with intelligent digital and automated chemical solutions.

Graphic of a molecule.
Solution spotlight

Production analysis services

Maximize your field’s flow assurance and lift strategies with full-suite production analysis.

Production solutions webinar thumbnail.
On demand webinar

Find out how your competitors are slashing lifting costs and eliminating production interruptions.


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