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  • Achieves the highest efficiency across the widest flow range in the industry
  • Increases well accessibility through a shortened ESP string
  • Reduces the number of stages needed, minimizing inventory and intervention costs
  • Lowers power consumption, emits fewer carbon emissions, and reduces downtime

  • Harsh environments
  • Unconventional oil and gas wells
  • Viscous, sandy, and gassy applications


Baker Hughes LIFTPrime™ high-efficiency pumps optimize the economics of conventional and unconventional wells by lowering energy consumption and reducing pump downtime, for unmatched efficiency and versatility.

The newest addition to the LIFTPrime high-efficiency pump series, the 400 Series LIFTPrime high-efficiency E2000 pump provides the highest power efficiency range across the widest operating range in the industry, for efficient, versatile, and more economic operations.


More Efficient

The 400 series LIFTPrime high-efficiency E2000 pump uses the most advanced hydraulic design and manufacturing technology on the market to achieve greater than 50% efficiency across the widest flow range (1,000-2,800 bpd) for a 4.0 diameter (OD) pump. The E2000’s continually rising head curve, advanced construction, and thrust management system assure the widest capable operating range (20-3,200 bpd) in the industry. Combined with the industry’s highest shaft torque rating in this flow range, its hydraulic design reduces stress on the shaft taking efficiency to new levels and deeper set depths. With a larger shaft OD, the E2000 was designed more robustly to deter wear and tear, even in the most demanding environments, like sand and gas.


LIFTPrime E2000 pump performance curve.


Designed to integrate with the CENefficient™ high-efficiency ESP system, the E2000 pump lowers power consumption, emits fewer carbon emissions, and reduces downtime.

With double the shaft horsepower rating of our previous models, the E2000 also helps you overcome torque limitations to unlock greater depths, so you can:

  • Drill deeper to increase production
  • Maximize pressure drawdown in deeper wells for higher production

Designed with dematerialization and carbon reduction in mind, the E2000 pump is also 34 percent shorter than our previous models and boosts a 25 foot per stage lift capacity. This can oftentimes eliminate a pump in your ESP string for overall ESP length reduction, lowered power consumption, and overall reduced CO2 over the life of the well.


Pump comparison chart.


More versatile

The E2000 pump offers greater well accessibility through a 33 percent shorter pump string, and in turn shortened ESP string. Most wells experience a 26.3-foot string reduction through the elimination of one pump per stage – an average 34 percent reduction in length.

And, because you have a shorter pump, you can:

  • Eliminate connections reducing service time, and enabling easier and quicker run-in
  • Reduce pump components for fewer stages, improving reliability
  • Get improved setting through short tangents


More economical

By reducing energy consumption, the E2000 can significantly save on intervention costs over the life of the well. And, by eliminating a pump, you can speed up your operations boosting production by sometimes up to 10 percent. The E2000 will also remain operating in good condition even during periods of rapid well decline and in high fluid viscosity applications and/or deep set wells, reducing deferred oil production. Run life is also extended, further eliminating downtime.



Traditional ESP system efficiency 

CENefficient ESP system 

1k BPD system (E1000)



2k BPD system (E2000)



3k BPD system (E3000)



The LIFTPrime E2000 pump reduces scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 33 percent over our previous leading pump, offering the highest lift per foot in the market for 4.0 OD pumps. 





BEP efficiency




Lifting/ft @ BEP




Efficiency @ BEP




Flowrate range (BPD) - mechanical

500 - 2600

50 – 2900

50 - 3200

Flowrate range (BPD) – efficient >50%

840 – 2600

840 – 2600

915 – 2870

Shaft HP rating @3500 rpm




HARTENERGY Industry Voice webinar screenshot.

HARTENERGY IndustryVoice: A Bold New Take on the Industry’s Most Popular Pump

Join Dana Meadows, Baker Hughes Artificial Lift Systems, as she discusses the newest pump in the LIFTPrime 400 Series, the E2000. This new workhorse reduces the number of pumps needed in your ESP string from 3 to 2 and offers the highest power efficiency range across the widest operating range in the industry, for efficient, versatile, and more economic operations.


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