Find relevant offsets faster

Advanced search criteria and automated data analysis identify wells, sections, and runs faster, reducing the effort from five days to five hours.

  • Get instant access to historical data
  • Compare offset characteristics and performances
  • Reduce non-productive time
Identify risks and mitigations

We don’t restrict offsets to local wells. We include all relevant wellbores, sections, and runs located anywhere in the world.

  • Optimized well search and filtering capability
  • Simple visualizations diagnose performance issues
  • Automated hazard identification
Improve returns on investment

The JewelSuite Offset Well Analyzer application delivers a step change in risk management, delivering consistent drilling performance—and the perfect well—every time.

  • Shorten learning curve for new projects
  • Unlock predictable performance and outcomes
  • Seamlessly integrate with any data platform


As wells become more complex and costly, instant access to relevant offset well data has never been more important. Risk identification based on historical events provides insights that reduce subsurface risk, non-productive time, and cost. But patchy data sets, time-consuming manual workflows, and reliance on local expertise often compromise these outcomes.

Our JewelSuite Offset Well Analyzer application provides the fundamental features for optimal well designs. It brings offset geology and drilling data together to identify performance barriers that could result in non-productive time (NPT) or invisible lost time. And we don’t restrict our analysis to local well data: using logically structured engineering processes built on our rich history of drilling experience and expertise, we analyze all relevant wellbores, sections, and runs across the world to deliver better outcomes and superior returns on investment.

Richer insights refine decision making, but timing is vital, too. The JewelSuite Offset Well Analyzer application’s automated workflows significantly improve speed and efficiency, driving consistent, fast, and objective offset well analysis and performance benchmarking. Instant data gathering and automated data analysis reduce the time it takes to perform offset analysis from five days to five hours and eliminate the need for time-consuming manual offset analysis or reliance on local expertise.

Harnessing the power of big data and machine learning, our optimized well search and filtering capability enables rapid offset well selection and data collection. In just a few seconds, the user can query offsets by name, target, trajectory, section size, and bottom-hole assembly. Simple visualizations identify and diagnose performance issues. And quick comparison tools confirm the perfect selection for your operation.

The JewelSuite Offset Well Analyzer application’s modular design enables seamless integration with other workflows and applications, capturing all available data sources from every relevant project. So, you achieve faster and more reliable well planning and execution—and repeatable, more profitable outcomes.

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