During your upper completion installations or future well interventions, you need proven solutions to isolate your lower completion with minimal risk to the reservoir. Ball valve technologies from Baker Hughes deliver reliable, bi- and uni-directional formation isolation between upper and lower completion intervals.

Selecting the right ball valve for your application can minimize costly fluid losses and formation damage while ensuring sealing integrity. Choose from a wide range of ball valve products that give you operating flexibility for your specific situation.

  • Mechanical only valves, which are operated using shifting tools conveyed on pipe, tubing, slickline, or wireline
  • Remote opening valves, which are hydraulically opened by applying pressure cycles and then mechanically opened or closed with shifting tools
  • Control line operated valves, which are remotely opened and closed with a control line from surface
  • Flow actuated valves, which are piloted valves that prevent fluid losses depending on flow direction

Our ball valve technologies improve the efficiency of your completion operations and enhance long-term well operability in several key ways.

  • Mitigate risks in demanding lower completions. Ensure reliable isolation between your upper and lower completions, even in extreme environments, with robust and reliable ball valves rated for deepwater, pre-salt, and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) applications
  • Reduce costs. Save on downhole trips with valves designed for unlimited, remote opening module capability for the life of the well
  • Ensure sand-free production. Minimize remediation trips and keep sand out of the well with fully spherical ball valves that deliver industry-leading debris tolerance   
  • Maintain formation integrity and minimize fluid loss. Work with our applications specialists to find the optimal ball valve solution to ensure the highest sealing integrity and control in your wells, while setting you up for long-term production benefits

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