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The Krautkrämer CL Go+ precision thickness gauge is a versatile tool in a compact and rugged package. With its intuitive menus and easy-to-use switch pad control, users can focus to make best use of its various features. CL Go+ also boasts powerful data management capabilities, allowing users to store and analyze inspection data with ease.


Next-Level User Experience

With its bright, large color display, lightweight design, and intuitive navigation, the CL Go+ is designed for single-handed, ambidextrous operation and maximum readability 

Confidence in Each Measurement

Advanced digital signal processing techniques and automatic gain control provide stable readings under various conditions

Bridging Expertise Gaps

Dual-mode functionality features Inspector mode for novices and Expert mode for seasoned professionals

Suited for Your Needs

The device efficiently measures a variety of materials, making it suitable for components utilized in various industries

Smarter Inspections, Faster

Smarter Inspections, Faster

Inspections have never been easier: The CL Go+ bridges expertise gaps with its dual mode functionality.

CL GOplus Application2
Inspector mode

The Inspector mode simplifies the measurement process into three easy steps, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. Users can easily pick a probe, calibrate it, and start measuring accurately.


Expert mode

For more demanding applications, the Expert mode provides powerful and customizable setups. Experienced professionals can tailor the device to their specific needs and fully utilize its capabilities. This mode allows for maximum flexibility and precision in measurements.

More Data? No Problem

More Data? No problem 


CL Go+ can record a large amount of data and organize it in multiple ways:

  • Quick and easy storage of thickness values in file form
  • Fully user-programmable feature capable of storing up to 100,000 measured values per file with attachments
  • Ability to store multiple files simultaneously on an SD card
  • Up to 16 GB of space available for ample storage

Upgrade Your Inspections

Upgrade Your Inspections 

CL GOplus Application3

CL Go+ is part of a family of Krautkrämer inspection devices which includes the DMS Go+ for corrosion thickness inspections as well as the USM Go+ for conventional flaw detection. 

As a customer of CL Go+ you have the flexibility to upgrade your device and use it as a corrosion thickness gauge, a flaw detector or both, effectively turning it into a versatile 3-in-1 platform. In addition to being a very convenient solution to your inspection needs, you can also enjoy a lower cost of ownership by choosing these options. Similarly, USM Go+ and DMS Go+ users can also add CL Go+ to their existing devices more cost efficiently than buying a separate precision thickness gauge.

















Made to meet your industry challenges

Tailored to address industry challenges, our solution encompasses a diverse array of application fields

Plane Application

Serving as a user-friendly solution, the precision thickness gauge is particularly suitable for components utilized in the automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries. It efficiently measures cast and stamped metal components made from materials such as aluminum, steel, copper, and bronze. Additionally, it is effective for machined workpieces, tubes, chemically milled components, metal strips, metal plates, plastics and composites, and even glass.

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