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Tailored Radiography and CT Solutions for your Automotive application needs
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Waygate Technologies offers industry-leading solutions for the rigorous quality requirements of the automotive industry — from castings and composites to weld and bond seam inspection to electronics, sensors and battery scanning. Bring fast, accurate, cost-effective NDT solutions to the floor of your plant.

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How Nondestructive Testing is Driving Sustainable Quality in the Automotive Sector

Technologies made for your industry

Cast Parts
Electronics, Sensors, Batteries, Semiconductors & PCBAs
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Cast Parts Inspection

To inspect large or high absorbing cast parts we offer our V|tome|x MV|tome|x CV|tome|x L300V|tome|x L450 and Power|scan HE.

For large cast parts and complex structures that have to be tested in a bunker, the Seifert components (X-Ray generators including X-Ray tubes and detectors) create a solution for every application.

Electronics, Sensors, Batteries, Semiconductors & PCBA Inspection

Visit our dedicated Radiography and CT Solutions for the Electronics Industry page to find the best solution for your needs.

Services & Support

Contact us by reaching out to a Waygate Technologies sales representatives to discuss your needs or find a Customer Solutions Center location near you.

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Talk to one of our non-destructive testing experts to find inspection solutions best suited for your needs or read our whitepapers and infographics.

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