Phoenix V|tome|x L450

Phoenix V|tome|x L450

限定されたサンプルサイズと密度で、高度なミニフォーカス CT スキャン

Phoenix V|tome|x L300システムの次の技術的な拡張段階として、Phoenix V|tome|x L450は、柔軟性、サンプルサイズ、450 kV / 1500 W Minifocusとオプションのよび300 kV Microfocus X線管による透過力をさらに向上させ、鋳造品、大型アセンブリ、AMパーツのボイド検出、欠陥検出、3D計測に最適なソリューションを提供します。

最大の柔軟性を備えたミニフォーカス 2D および 3D CT スキャンはここから始まります
Phoenix V|tome|x L 450
Phoenix V|tome|x L 450


Phoenix V|tome|x L450 は、2D / 3D コンピューター断層撮影および 2D 非破壊 X 線検査用の、大型多用途ミニフォーカスシステムです。 グラナイトベースの操作により、大きなサンプルでも高精度で処理できます。 このシステムは、鋳造物やアディティブ部品のボイドや欠陥の検出および VDI/VDE 2630-1.3 に準拠した 3D 計測に最適なソリューションです。 オプションの high-flux|target を備えた、オプションの 2 次 300 kV マイクロフォーカス X 線管により、Phoenix V|tome|x L450 をあらゆる種類の工業および科学 CT 用途に適合させることができます。



User Benefits

  • Great flexibility for 2D and 3D inspection on a wide application range
  • Fast CT acquisition and brilliant images by next generation highly sensitive Dynamic 41 detectors
  • Leading exclusive Waygate Technologies core components such as X-ray tubes, detectors, software
  • Excellent software modules for highest CT quality and ease of use
  • High throughput cone scatter fan beam CT
  • Dimensional measuring with extremely high precision, reproducibility, and user-friendliness
  • Failure detection and reproducible 3D metrology of steel parts and large aluminium castings
  • Leading measurement accuracy referring to VDI/VDE 2630-1.3 for reliable revalidation of system performance and reproducible metrology applications
Key Features

  • Mini-/Meso-/Microfocus Dual|tube configuration
  • Long-life|filament
  • Scatter|correct technology
  • Dynamic|41 technology detector
  • Helix|CT
  • Offset|CT
  • Orbit|scan
  • Multi|bhc
  • Metrology|edition
  • Ruby|plate

  • High precision Mini-/Meso-/Microfocus CT
  • Large Light alloys: Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc (e.g. E-engine housings, gear boxes, large structure parts)
  • Higher density alloys: Iron castings, titanium, nickel, cobalt
  • Composite materials, large assemblies, AM parts
  • Research: 3D printing, composites, battery cells and modules, ceramics, medical industry
  • Reverse engineering: Metal, plastics, rapid prototyping, biomechanics
  • Scientific research (plants, archaeology, animals, cultural, geo- and materials sciences)

Phoenix V|tome|x L 450 機能

Phoenix V|tome|x L450 Features
Mini-/Meso-/Microfocus Dual|tube configuration
  • Up to 10 times increased filament lifetime, ensuring long-term stability and optimizing system efficiency by Long-life|filament (optionally)
Dynamic|41 technology detector
  • Double CT resolution at the same speed, or double throughput at the same quality level as 200 µm pitch DXR detectors. Compared to 16-bit detectors, the optimized 14-bit technology offers the highest efficiency with a dynamic range of 10000:1 and thus saves time in use and also generates less noise in the image
  • Scan with improved image quality to increase probability of detection (POD) with efficiency and ease
  • Scan even larger parts with up to ~70% larger scanning volume
  • Virtual scan rotation axis for easy scan adjustment and flexible ROI CT scans
  • The Multi|bhc tool corrects streaking artifacts which typically occur as multiple dark streaking bands positioned between dense areas in multi-material samples

As part of the optional Metrology|edition, The Ruby|plate calibration phantom and the compensation of thermal drift effects based on the use of temperature sensors enable automated measurement sequences and precision to a new level of performance for even larger parts. The system guarantees a measurement accuracy of SD ≤ (6.8 ± L/100 mm) µm according to VDI/VDE 2630-1.3 for reliable three times faster revalidation of the system performance and reproducible measurement applications like:

  • Nominal-actual CAD comparison
  • Dimensional measurements / wall thickness analysis
  • Reverse Engineering/Tool Compensation
High-flux|target (optional)

Improve efficiency with faster microCT scans or doubled resolution with higher power on a smaller focal spot


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