True|position / Ruby|plate
true|position / ruby|plate
Improved workflows and precision for 3D Metrology 2.0

Exclusively available in Waygate Technologies' Phoenix V|tome|x M premium performance CT scanner, True|position technology expands the measurement positions with specified accuracy to all positions which can be verified with the innovative patented Ruby|plate calibration phantom. Thanks to that unique phantom with its calibration uncertainty of less than 1 micrometer even at a maximum probing length of 130 mm, not only a high measurement accuracy of up to (3.8 + L/100 mm) µm for both positions referring to VDI 2630 guideline can be specified, but also remarkable (5.5+ L/50 mm) µm for all other positions besides the VDI positions can be reached. Additionally, by applying the fully automated easy|calib, the VDI specification (3.8 + L/100 mm) µm can be met at any position with just a few minutes of calibrating.

Due to highly automated routines, the new Ruby|plate calibration phantom and True|positions' compensation of remaining mechanical positioning uncertainties as well as correction of thermal effects by using temperature sensors, these proprietary innovations bring CT metrology workflows and precision to a new performance level.

Largest Ruby|plate calibration phantom

To measure large, complex objects, Waygate Technologies also offers the Ruby|plate 240 calibration phantom for its Phoenix V|tome|x C450, enabling users to perform VDI 2630 compliant precision metrology with specification of SD ≤ (15 ± L/50 mm) µm.



Product Features
Highest precision performance

Phoenix V|tome|x M microCT scanner:

SD ≤ (3.8 ± L/100 mm) µm referring to VDI 2630 guideline.

SD ≤ (5.5 ± L/50 mm) µm or all other positions besides the VDI positions.

SD ≤ (3.8 ± L/100 mm) µm at any position when applying the fully automated Easy|calib tool.


Phoenix V|tome|x C minifocus CT scanner:

SD ≤ (15 ± L/50 mm) µm at both VDI 2630 positions and, after applying Easy|calib, at any position.


Phoenix V|tome|x L300 & L 450 large walk-in cabinet scanner:

SD ≤ (6.8 ± L/100 mm) µm with microfocus X-ray tube at both VDI 2630 positions and, after applying Easy|calib, at any position

3 times faster

3x faster VDI 2630 1.3 specifications conform performance verification: Thanks to the greatly simplified verification with the new, patented Ruby|plate phantom, the process could be reduced from 18 to 6 required scans.

More precise

Faster and easier CT setup for precision metrology tasks performed with specified accuracy at multiple positions.

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