Phoenix V|tome|x L 300 - Microfocus CT System
Industrial CT & X-Ray Inspection
phoenix v|tome|x L 300


The Phoenix V|tome|x L300 is a versatile high-resolution system for 3D computed tomography (failure analysis & metrology) and 2D non-destructive X-ray inspection. It is equipped with a unipolar 300 kV/500 W microfocus source and optional nanoCT capability in Dual|tube combination with a 180kV/20W high-power nanofocus X-ray tube.

The CT-scanner handles large samples up to 50 kg and up to 500 mm in diameter with extremely high precision. The system is a great flexible solution for void and flaw detection of composites, castings and precision parts, e.g. additive manufactured parts or turbine blades. It allows also high precision 3D metrology conform to VDI/VDE 2630-1.3.


Key Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits
Highest Flexibility
  • Great flexibility for 2D and 3D inspection on a wide application range  
  • Fast CT acquisition and brilliant images by next generation highly sensitive Dynamic 41 detectors  
  • Leading exclusive Waygate Technologies core components such as X-ray tubes, detectors, software  
  • Patented optional features such as High-flux|target or Scatter|correct technology ​​​​​​​
  • Leading measurement accuracy of SD ≤ (6.8 ± L/100 mm) µm referring to VDI/VDE 2630-1.3 for reliable revalidation of system performance and reproducible metrology applications
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