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Inspection and NDT solutions for the electronics industry

From smartphones and computers to electric cars and airplanes, solder joints, semiconductor packages and electrical components are vital to so many of our most important devices. Waygate Technologies brings high resolution 2D X-ray and 3D Computed Tomography (CT) inspection solutions right to the electronics production line and the research and development lab to ensure the safety and integrity of components.

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Semiconductors and Electronics Inspection

Because electronic components are becoming increasingly miniature and even more complex, high-resolution X-ray inspection has become a widely used tool for non-destructive failure analysis and process control in a variety of industrial and scientific fields. Waygate Technologies' powerful nano- and microfocus X-ray technologies provide the means necessary to detect even the most minute defects in solder joints, bond wires and bonding areas, conductive and non-conductive die bonds, capacitors and inductors, finished assembly inspections, and more.

Printed Board Assembly (PCBA) Inspection

High-resolution X-ray technology is widely used in failure analysis and production quality testing of electronic devices to achieve more accurate inspections. Where standard 2D AXI does not allow reliable results due to overlaying features, Waygate Technologies' nano- and microfocus X-ray technologies provide clear slice views of packages or PCBSs. Any material flaw and quality characteristic affecting the shape of solder joints can be detected, like missing solder fillets, voids and blisters, solder bridges, or non-wetting defects.

Production Line Inspection

For 3D evaluation of the smallest details with the highest resolution, Waygate Technologies' advanced CT scanners and nano- and microfocus X-ray technologies bring extremely precise inspections usually reserved for research and quality labs to fast moving production lines. Combined with AI-based automated defect recognition algorithms (for applications like anode overhang analysis in batteries, our systems can be fully integrated into your electronics production line to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

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