Optimize the drilling performance in your most extreme reservoir conditions with Vanguard™ premium tricone drill bits from Baker Hughes. Combining advanced design and wear-resistance with application and analysis expertise, Vanguard tricone drill bits help you reach target depth with greater accuracy and speed than conventional bits.


Engineered for excellence

Vanguard tricone drill bits continue the legacy of drilling excellence that has made Baker Hughes the industry’s leading drill bit provider for more than 100 years. Our tricone drill bits incorporate design advances that include:

  • Patented elastomer high-aspect-ratio (HAR) seal technology that provides proven wear resistance for hot-hole, high-temperature applications up to 550°F (288°C)
  • Engineered cutters with application-specific carbide grades and aggressive tooth shapes that protect the bit from excessive wear and allow it to finish the run with a faster rate of penetration (ROP)
  • High-strength legs and enhanced outer-diameter protection to prevent severe leg wear in directional drilling applications
  • Computer modeling to optimize cutter arrangements and eliminate bit tracking, reduce cutter wear, and improve ROP
  • High-viscosity bearing grease to increase the bearing’s load-carrying capacity and extend bearing life

And as your drilling programs reach new extremes of complexity, depth, and temperature, Baker Hughes continues to innovate. New Vanguard tricone drill bit designs and applications are thoroughly reviewed and optimized by our drilling application review team (DART). This multifunctional team of design, research, and application engineers collaborates to analyze your planned drilling operation in detail. This approach reduces the time-consuming and costly iteration process while ensuring that the best bit design is delivered to your drilling job.

With each new application, Vanguard tricone drill bits keep setting new standards for performance and reliability—from directional drilling in tough carbonates of the Middle East to surviving long hours in a geothermal environment.

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