Minimize the costs and risks of a poor cementing job with robust and reliable cementing valve solutions from Baker Hughes.

Choose from two cement placement options, depending on your completion needs:

  • The pressure-actuated cementing (PAC) valve actuates by applied surface pressure against a wiper plug that was landed during the first stage. Use the PAC valve to hydraulically function tools below and isolate lower completion tools during the cementing process.
  • The mechanically-actuated cementing (MAC) valve opens by deploying and landing a free-fall-opening plug cone on an upper seat within the valve, and then applying surface pressure. If your well does not require a second cementing stage, the MAC provides a cancellation feature.

Both valves are run above the external casing packer (ECP) to provide circulating ports between the inside of your casing or liner and the annulus. The valves ensure reliable operation with simple, sturdy designs that shield the open/close pistons from debris. And because the valves match the burst and collapse ratings of your casing string, the risk of valve failure is minimized.

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Cementing valves