Casing drilling operations overcome many of the well construction challenges that conventional drilling can’t. With casing and liner drilling services from Baker Hughes, you can effectively drill and complete your most challenging wells, in less time and at a lower spend. Whether you face problems with lost circulation, reduced well control, stuck pipe, or low borehole stability, our casing and liner drilling systems deliver proven performance in several key ways.

Optimize casing and liner operations. Reduce non-productive time (NPT) by combining casing and drilling in a full range of environments.

Reduce borehole stability concerns. Lower the likelihood of borehole instability and lost circulation events by getting your casing or liner to target depth in a single trip.

Efficiently reach target depth. Minimize your drilling and drillout time with high-performance, highly durable casing bit systems that ensure you hit your production target on the first attempt.

Improve rate of penetration (ROP). Ensure optimal hydraulic efficiency of your casing bit system with proprietary computational fluid dynamics software that increases ROP while reducing the risk of balling and erosion.

Ensure efficient reaming and faster drillout. Streamline drilling costs by efficiently reaming through long, challenging intervals with the industry’s only steel reaming shoe that is drillable with a standard PDC bit.

Lower rig-floor risks. Eliminate the risks of handling heavy drillpipe for safer operations on the rig floor.

Let’s work together to develop the optimal set of casing drilling solutions to get your casing string to target with less risk, less cost, and in less time.

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