Get assured casing cleaning in your deepest, most remote wells with the Extreme Performance (XP) wellbore cleanup system from Baker Hughes.

Part of the X-Treme Clean™ line of wellbore cleanup mechanical tools, XP wellbore cleanup systems are available in a range of sizes to clean all casing sizes in your deepwater wells.

Achieve effective casing cleaning with high-rotation, high-strength, and larger flow area with the XP casing scraper and XP casing brush. Featuring a one-piece mandrel design without any internal connection, the XP scraper and brush have higher tensile and torque ratings than the tool joint, making them ideal for deep and deviated wells.

Run these tools by themselves or as an integral part of a complete wellbore cleaning system with circulation tools, magnets, filters, and bits. You’re assured effective removal of mud, cement sheath, perforation burs, rust mill scale, paraffin, and other deposits in your deepwater casing strings.

Contact us today to learn how the XP wellbore cleanup system can optimize casing cleaning in your deviated and deepwater wells.

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