Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits are made with synthetic diamond cutters in either steel or matrix body material. PDC drill bits revolutionized the drilling industry with a wide application range and high rate of penetration (ROP) potential. Whether it is the Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit or Talon™ Strike PDC drill bit, our selection of PDC drill bits achieve maximum performance to lower your drilling cost.

The wide application range for PDC bits requires unique PDC cutter technology to get the most drilling performance in each application. The Optimus cutter portfolio will maximize performance in any drilling challenge.

The StabilisX™ reinforced cutter technology provides maximum durability for interbedded formations that can cause heavy impact damage.

The unique geometry of the Optimus™ Shockwave shaped cutter balances efficiency and durability and works well in interbedded formations that cause thermal damage and chipping.

The reduced friction afforded by the StayCool™ 2.0 multidimensional cutter technology delivers high cutting efficiency and wear resistance in hard, abrasive formations that cause thermal damage and chipping

The Optimus™ Apex shaped cutter technology provides a traditional point loading approach by distributing more weight to a smaller portion of the rock. This allows the cutter to penetrate ductile formations and generate maximum rate of penetration.

The Optimus™ Prism shaped cutter technology incorporates the StayCool feature to deliver peak penetration rate in ductile formations as well as hard and abrasive formations without sacrificing durability.

Our shaped cutter technology has been rigorously designed and tested using a structured development process to provide the most efficient cutter geometry for specific applications. These geometries have been vetted with industry-leading lab testing facilities and digital drilling and integrity simulations.

To deliver optimal performance, the placement of the shaped cutters in the right locations within the cutting structure to suit a specific application is just as important as the cutter design and technology. Our Tetrahedron 3D bit drilling simulation software evaluates cutter and bit body interactions with the rock. Complex formation types are modeled, and field-based parameters are used to create a digital twin of the target application. The proprietary cutter force models have been calibrated by lab tests from the high-pressure simulator drilling lab. The customized cutter placement optimization process includes the Tetrahedron performance analysis that determines the ROP response and bit aggressiveness for the given cutter layout, rock properties, and drilling mode. The simulation is set up to accurately reflect the application description and is calibrated to reflect the bit damage identified by the dull study for the application. Using this powerful software, our service delivery teams determine the selection of the best drill bit frame for the application and establish the ideal placement of Optimus cutters to maximize ROP and footage.

Our culture of continuous improvement drives performance while lowering your drilling cost.

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