• Acquire real-time data to monitor and optimize complex, multistage treatments
  • Get live data displays to control treatment volumes, densities, and stepping/ramping schedules
  • Improve global collaboration and remote monitoring with advanced communication and transmission capabilities

  • Coiled-tubing intervention and drilling
  • Cementing, stimulation, and workover operations
  • All wells



Improve your job service delivery with real-time operational data acquisition and display from the JobMaster™ software from Baker Hughes. This live data feed lets your personnel maintain control during a job—saving you time, lowering costs, and improving safety.

This software enables data acquisition, job monitoring, and display/data transmission. As an integral part of cementing, treatment, and intervention services, the JobMaster system helps align job designs with actual job conditions, ensuring that pressures and other important equipment and safety parameters do not exceed your operating limits.


Get seamless, real-time control of multiple parameters

JobMaster software delivers the data needed to control multiple functions, including:

  • Treatment volumes
  • Treatment densities
  • Stepping/ramping schedules
  • Multiple-stage fluid and proppant schedules
  • Running and pulling rates with coiled tubing

The JobMaster system also enables control of parameters before and during treatments, and provides automatic calculation of stage volumes, downhole rates, gas rates, foam quality, and other crucial fracturing parameters. It is also used to feed data into CIRCA™ Real-Time (RT) coiled tubing modeling and CYCLE™ pipe fatigue software.


Avoid treatment upsets with early-warning alarms

Visual alarms are set to notify the user when the job parameters exceed specified limits, and an automatic shutdown notification is sent in the case of overpressure and other critical conditions. Users are able to monitor their jobs remotely over cable, wireless, Internet, or private VSAT satellite access (available in countries that permit data transmission).

The software integrates with Baker Hughes systems and communicates with third-party data acquisition hardware and software using TCP/IP, Modbus, WITS level 0, and ASCII protocols.

Contact us to learn more about how the JobMaster data acquisition software can optimize your well interventions.


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