Interval control valves (ICVs) from Baker Hughes give you selective flow control of your production and injection flow rates—without costly or intrusive interventions.


Maximize recovery with wide-ranging, proven solutions

Our ICV solutions include all-electric systems that deliver precise, real-time remote control that minimize water and gas breakthrough and increase ultimate recovery by maximizing reservoir contact. The compact design of these systems allows for easier deployment in tortuous laterals. And their fast choke actuation response and built-in diagnostics monitoring ensure reliable performance and adaptability to optimize production for the life of the well.

And in your commingled production applications, our adjustable, hydraulic sliding sleeves deliver selective control of flow rates. Customizable choke positions ensure flexible, repeatable choke positioning to seamlessly commingle production and match bottomhole pressures.

Work with our application specialists to optimize placement of ICVs across production zones and balance hydrocarbon flow as it enters your production string. Regardless of your well geometry and application, our ICV solutions give you more effective secondary recovery, better reservoir control, and higher ultimate recovery.

Contact us to learn how inflow control valves from Baker Hughes can optimize production and recovery in your wells.


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Interval control valve