• Reduce hydraulic horsepower requirements at surface
  • Reduce premature screenout with high viscosity and good shear stability
  • Prepare with either batch-mix or continuous-mix processes for added flexibility

  • Fracturing and frac-packing applications in intervals at greater than 15,000 ft (4570 m) TVD
  • Deepwater wells
  • HP/HT environments



Improve your fracturing fluid delivery downhole with the PrimeStar™ fracturing fluid system from Baker Hughes. Designed for use in challenging stimulation applications, the PrimeStar fluid system comprises a weighted brine to allow for the use of conventional pumping equipment in executing your fracturing and frac-packing operations.


Get assured frac fluid performance with advanced chemistry

The PrimeStar fluid is a premium, borate-crosslinked guar fluid in a sodium bromide-based brine, making it ideal for applications where excessively high surface treating pressures would be required when using conventional water-based fluids.

The fluid’s increased density yields greater hydrostatic head pressure, allowing for significant reductions in surface pumping pressure and the associated hydraulic horsepower requirements.

The PrimeStar system combines the technology of a fast-hydrating guar gelling agent with the proprietary Spectra Frac™ G delayed- crosslinking fluid chemistry, optimized to perform in sodium bromide-based fluids with densities ranging up to 12.5 ppg (1498 kg/m3).

PrimeStar fluids perform in a typical temperature range of 100 to 300°F (38 to 149°C), but with an additional additive, they may be used at temperatures up to 350°F (177°C).

Contact us to learn how the PrimeStar fracturing fluid system can maximize your stimulation fluid performance in the most


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