Ensure your fracturing fluids are blended and delivered precisely to your well’s requirements with mixing equipment from Baker Hughes. The heart of a fracturing job, our mixers and blenders are designed to efficiently mix the correct amount of proppant agent and other additives into your frac fluid and deliver it to your fracturing pumps—consistently and reliably.


Optimize your frac jobs – onshore and off

For your onshore fracturing and acidizing operations, our fleet of truck-mounted frac blenders provide the flexibility and efficiency you require. Mounted on a heavy-duty chassis with two-rail design, our blenders are available in sizes and designs to deliver fluids to frac pumps at rates ranging from 40 to as high as 125 bbl/min (with water). The blender pumps can move up to 25,000 lb/min of proppant or up to 100 bbl/min of gelled fluid.

The units come equipped with horizontal tubs with agitators, hydraulically driven sand screws, and feeders for both liquid and dry additive systems. The liquid additive pumps and dry additive augers are designed to meet delivery rates for your premier completions—including both low-rate openhole horizontal gravel packs and high-rate frac packs. The systems let you add liquid additives at any point of the process—either before, after, or in the mixing tub—thus providing maximum flexibility to adapt to fluid system constraints.

And for your offshore acidizing and stimulation jobs, our Cyclone™ blenders deliver proven performance and reliability. These blenders mix fluids, chemicals, diverters, and proppants at rates up to 60 bbl/min and 9 ppa (pounds of proppant added). You can successfully carry out fracturing, gravel packing, and acid mixing operations at pressures up to 15,000 psi. And because they can be operated manually or completely automated, Cyclone blenders give you the flexibility to optimize your offshore work.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your gravel pack jobs with the High Rate Gravel Infuser. Used to mix gravel pack sand with a carrier fluid, the infuser delivers uniform gravel rates ranging from 200 to 1,800 ppm with a wide range of carrier fluids. Fluid/slurry rates up to 12 bbl/min may be achieved when using the proper hydraulic power pack. And while previous mod­els required the infuser to be located directly behind the triplex pump skid, the High Rate Gravel In­fuser can be placed anywhere in the vicinity of the triplex pump by connecting with a 3-in. or 4-in. discharge hose. Additional­ly, the unit’s control console is strategically situ­ated to facilitate total operation of the unit by a single operator from one location.


Automate to innovate

Our blenders can be operated in automatic mode, manual mode, or some combination of both, using the Intelli-FRAC™ and Intelli-BLEND™ software suites. These suites give you unsurpassed control of your blending operations by controlling suction rate, proppant feed rate, proppant concentration, liquid additive dosage, and dry additive rates. These systems can also perform ramped or stepped fracturing operations, ensuring that your designed slurry properties are achieved.

Contact us to learn how our mixing equipment can optimize your frac fluid preparation and performance downhole.


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