• Ensure pinpoint cutter repositioning with specially designed profile
  • Cut larger casing strings in volatile offshore environments
  • Release and recover casing hanger seal assembly with heavy-duty bearings

  • Suspend casing strings in a fixed vertical position
  • Fishing services from floating rigs



Precisely position your cutting sting for an optimal offshore cutting job with the marine swivel seal extractor from Baker Hughes. Deployed exclusively on floating rigs, the extractor suspends a cutting string in a fixed vertical position and stabilizes it for an accurate cutting operation in volatile offshore environments.


Deploy and cut with proven, flexible options

The marine swivel seal extractor accomplishes this by landing on a fixed point in the marine riser, blowout preventer, or subsea wellhead. For cutting your larger casing strings, adapter rings can be added to the marine swivel seal extractor after the riser has been removed.

And to extract a hanger seal assembly from a subsea wellhead, you can easily replace the adapter ring and blank bottom with a hanger seal extractor. The integral seal extractor snaps into the casing hanger seal assembly when landed.

Regardless of the application, a slack joint or long-stroke bumper jar should always be run above the marine swivel seal extractor to eliminate premature movement of the swivel and reduce drillstring flexing to ensure an even cut.

After the intermediate casing string is cut, release the casing hanger seal with a straight pull. A ring-type spaceout assembly is run below the swivel so the cutter is positioned at the desired cutting depth if knife changes need to be made.

Contact us today to learn how the marine swivel seal extractor can help position a cutter with pinpoint accuracy in your volatile offshore environment.


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