Understand and navigate the complexities of emissions control

Managing emissions to meet standards and regulations is a journey. The path is fraught with complexities and challenges, requiring new systems and a measured approach, but it is vital.

Baker Hughes understands that every organization is at different stages of this journey, each with its own set of challenges. We offer expert solutions to help you understand, control, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, backed by advanced data collection — focusing on the outcomes that matter most to you.

We have a 100-year history of solving energy sector challenges globally. Our world-class team offers guidance, education, and critical knowledge of evolving regulatory standards for air pollution and emissions in 120 countries. We can identify both near and long-term emissions reduction opportunities and we develop and provide new control systems. Read on to learn how we can help you and your organization on the path to controlling emissions and meeting regulations.


Our emissions management solutions and services are key to the carbon-cutting challenge

Advanced greenhouse gas detection, monitoring, and reduction technologies are accelerating progress towards a Net Zero future, meeting more stringent emissions standards from bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, enabling the decarbonization of energy and industrials, and protecting the planet while delivering better business outcomes.

CCUS-Monitoring 60x60
Methane emissions monitoring

Accurately and efficiently identifying sources of air pollution and methane emissions enables a faster response, reduces greenhouse gases, and is cost-effective. Our emissions test and monitoring systems provide localization and quantification of methane emissions amid general asset inspections.

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Flare management and optimization solutions

Flaring is one of the largest causes of greenhouse gas emissions across the oil and gas sector. Our exhaust emission control flare meter, flare.IQ, reduces methane emissions, ensures high-efficiency flare combustion, and reduces steam usage. Flare.IQ also helps customers manage their flare assets remotely.

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Flow and process solutions

We can replace or retrofit emissions control systems in natural gas operations with no-bleed valves to cost-effectively reduce methane emissions.

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