Reverse the effects of formation damage and bring your wells closer to their natural production capacities with remediation services from Baker Hughes. Regardless of the cause of your near-wellbore flow restriction, our remediation treatments effectively treat skin damage to restore your wells’ productivity, injectivity, and profitability.


Targeted treatments to extend production life

Formation damage results from various chemical or physical processes, including natural emulsions, wettability changes, water blockage, sludge created by acidization, phase trapping, or wax and asphaltene deposition, to name a few. Regardless of the mechanisms at work in your wells, the damage results in lower production rates, lost revenue from bypassed zones, or the premature abandonment of a well.

Baker Hughes provides proven wellbore remediation fluid treatments that target formation damage to restore your well’s production rates. Our treatment systems include carefully designed microemulsion systems with ultra-low interfacial tensions, high solvency, and formation fluid compatibility. These unique properties help mobilize fluids and solids to clear near-wellbore blockages and revive production rates within hours of applying the treatment.

Our remediation treatments can be bullheaded into the well, saving you the time and costs of expensive equipment or reperforation operations.

And whether your well is currently facing production declines or has been shut in for years, our remediation treatments may be your best solution to:

  • Reverse unnatural decline curve trends
  • Maximize oil and gas production
  • Improve injection operations
  • Optimize returns on asset investment
  • Reduce lifting costs

Contact us to today to learn how targeted remediation treatments from Baker Hughes can revive production in your declining wells.

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Near-wellbore remediation