When your goal is to identify the full productive and economic potential of your formation, drill stem testing (DST) services from Baker Hughes are a proven means to that end. Building on a 30-year history of application success, our DST services comprise the full suite of solutions—from packers to valves to gauges to analysis—to help you make the most informed development decisions for your wells. 

Optimize your completions for the long term. Drawing on a vast portfolio of completions and downhole tools, our DST services help you identify the productive capacity of one or multiple zones as well as the permeability, porosity, skin factor, and extent of your reservoirs.  

Ensure robust seal integrity during each test. Our metal-to-metal seals, in both isolation and circulating valves, allow for high-pressure differential cycling without compromising seal integrity. 

Confidently collect data in the most hostile well conditions. Collect reservoir data from high-pressure, high-solids well environments with tools rated for pressures up to 30,000 psi and with increased solids and debris tolerances.  

Ensure control in underbalanced well applications. Perform tests with confidence in underbalanced wells, with our cased hole DST system that establishes underbalanced perforating conditions and provides total control of fluid losses to the formation.  

Save time on testing. Collect reservoir data from multiple zones during the same test, with our adaptable tool designs.  

Use any tools you choose. Save time and money with services designed to optimize any DST operation, whether you use our comprehensive solutions or tools from another provider.  

Quickly update your reservoir models. Draw on the expertise of our Geotechnical Services group to help interpret your DST results to update your reservoir models and well development plans.  

Let’s work together to develop the right drill stem testing strategies that will maximize the production potential of your reservoir.  

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Drill stem testing (DST)

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