• Zero-emissions* during operation & pressurized stand by: no oil lubrication, no venting, and no seal leakage
  • High, stable efficiency over wide operating range: 35-105% of nominal speed vs. 70-105% of typical compressors
  • Minimal downtime for maintenance to deliver maximum availability: with a 10-year maintenance interval in clean gas applications

  • Motor and compressor are directly flanged and fully integrated in a single sealed casing with no alignment needed
  • Compact configuration saves up to 60% in space and footprint
  • Magnetic bearings ensure frictionless shaft support, eliminating lubricant and minimizing maintenance

  • Pipeline, gas storage, gas gathering
  • Small-scale LNG
  • Onshore and offshore associated gas compression

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Baker Hughes ICL Zero-Emissions* Electric Motor-Compressor




The field-proven ICL zero-emissions* integrated compressor combines high-technology components in a simple, robust, and easy-to-operate system that's emission-free and particularly advantageous for applications where high efficiency, small footprint, and low noise are important.

The design draw on more than 100 years of experience and innovation to deliver proven performance for clean gas and mild sour gas applications—in the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments.

Discharge pressure
Up to 300 bar
Inlet flow range (design point)
500 to 40,000 m3/h
Maximum speed   
15,500 rpm (> 1 MW)/30,000 rpm (< 1 MW)
Minimum speed
Single-stage overhung; multistage between bearings (1 or 2 sections, inline or back-to-back)


Complies with the most stringent environmental regulations

The ICL zero-emissions* integrated compressor is a centrifugal compressor directly driven by a high-speed motor, with both arranged in a common pressurized casing. This architecture eliminates leakage and avoids, on average, 40,000 m3 of methane emissions per year. The gearless drive and magnetic-bearing shaft levitation combine to eliminate the need for lubrication—saving 5,000 liters of oil every five years. The variable-frequency drive (VFD) enables speed variation with top efficiencies over the entire operating range, which reduces power consumption. In addition, ICL zero-emissions* integrated compressors are significantly quieter than conventional compressors, as noise radiations are attenuated by the pressure vessel.

ICL Environmental Regulations


Scalable solution, adapted for most processes

With a medium-voltage induction motor, ICL zero-emissions* integrated compressors can cover duties from 1 to 20 MW. The machine is available in multiple architectures: one impeller overhung on the motor shaft, or multiple impellers in a single casing, arranged in one or two process sections (inline or in back-to-back). Eligible process gas is not limited to commercial natural gas—the ICL zero-emissions* integrated compressors can also process mild raw gas. The "full-size" ICL is very much a compact configuration that is up to 60% smaller than typical compression options.

We also offer a low-voltage option, ICL-LV, for duties below 1 MW, by using industry-proven, low-voltage, permanent-magnet motors. This is a smart, low-pressure solution for flare-gas recovery, gas gathering, and micro LNG applications. It's particularly suitable for module integration with process and electrical equipment.

ICL Scalable


Operational flexibility and minimal maintenance

Thanks to VFD speed variation, ICL zero-emissions* integrated compressors guarantee smooth operation across a wide range of applications—covering speeds from 35% to 105% of nominal speed, which enables modulation of pressure ratio and inlet flow. And it can go from standstill to full speed in less than three minutes—without any preparation.

ICL zero-emissions* integrated compressors are the ideal product for lifecycle cost optimization. Its simplicity drastically reduces installation time and, with no wear parts and no critical auxiliary system, ICL zero-emissions* integrated compressors provide 10 years of maintenance-free operation in clean-gas applications.

ICL Flexibility



* Zero-emissions during operation and pressurized stand by. Being an electrical driven compressor, emissions are proportional to electrical grid  power generation emissions. In case of green electrical power, ICL is removing up to 99% of emissions compared to gas-fired solutions.

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