Gain deeper insights into your reservoir’s production potential with wireline openhole logging tools from Baker Hughes. Our proven wireline conveyance services, supported by our well-logging experts, help you capture detailed measurements to make more informed drilling, completions, and production decisions.


Improve production planning with high-resolution borehole imaging

Make better production decisions with borehole images and resistivity anisotropy measurements. Our high-resolution tools help you accurately identify net pay zones, even in thin bed segments. They also deliver detailed petrophysical evaluations to assess formation fractures, faults, dips, and stratigraphy.


Predict reservoir performance with advanced formation and fluid testing

Get accurate, high-quality pressure profiles, fluid contacts, and mobility information with our formation pressure testing and fluid sampling tools. Our tools optimize testing and sampling in variable reservoirs and extreme environments, including high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells, overbalanced wells, and ultra-long laterals.  


Reduce development risks with full-range formation evaluation

Capture critical data on your formation’s composition and structure with our wireline-conveyed evaluation tools. Our elemental spectroscopy technologies and sidewall coring tools provide valuable insights into your reservoir’s porosity, permeability, saturation, and lithology.

Our array of nuclear logging tools, nuclear magnetic resonance services, and resistivity measurement tools help you pinpoint the location and volumes of your hydrocarbon reserves. To assess the reservoir rock’s response to geomechanical stresses during well completions and stimulation, our acoustic logging, borehole seismic, and data processing services detect formation features in fine detail, farther away from the wellbore.


Deploy in any well and access logs from anywhere

Move easily in and out of any wellbore—regardless of well trajectory or ambient conditions—with our range of pipe-conveyed, tractor-conveyed, and coiled tubing-conveyed logging systems. And our remote data options help you collect and review logs from distant rigs—reducing travel-related time, HSE risks, and costs.    

Contact your Baker Hughes representative today to find the ideal wireline openhole logging solution for your wells. 

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Wireline openhole logging

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