• Reduce packer deployment risks
  • Enhance drawdown capability for faster sampling
  • Test and sample more challenging formations

  • High-pressure environments
  • Unconsolidated formations
  • Ultra-low mobility reservoirs
  • High-overbalanced formations



Expand the sampling and testing capabilities in your most challenging reservoirs with the RCX™ CHITON straddle packer from Baker Hughes. Novel design features improve deployment efficiency and ensure fast sampling rates—all while allowing you to confidently test a wider range of formations.


Ensure safer deployments and enhanced drawdown

Using inflatable packers as part of your formation sampling and testing raises some serious deployment challenges. Multiple settings can cause permanent packer deformation, leading to swabbing on the trip out of the well and increasing the risk of becoming stuck.

The RCX CHITON straddle packer avoids these risks with an active hydraulic mechanism that enhances the element’s retraction and natural deflation. The design’s optimized contra-wound elements provide reliable retraction, minimal plastic deformation, and an effective seal—all while minimizing sticking or deployment challenges.

Ensure faster sampling in your high-overbalance and ultra-low mobility reservoirs with the RCX CHITON’s enhanced differential pressure capability. And with its superior drawdown, the packer allows you to conduct mini-DST testing and vertical interference testing (VIT) for a more detailed understanding of your reservoir.


Extend your range of formation testing

The straddle packer’s increased injection pressure enhances your micro-frac testing capabilities in high-strength formations. You can confidently evaluate an extended range of formations by overcoming testing limitations in formations that can be incredibly difficult to fracture.

Improve your testing flexibility and versatility in hostile environments by combining the RCX CHITON with the proven RCX™ platform. With inline temperature and pressure sensors included, the platform monitors the flowing temperature of the fluid and determines formation pressure with zero offset.

Contact us today to learn more about how the RCX CHITON straddle packer can reduce the risk and complexity of sampling and testing in extremely tight reservoirs.

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