• Extremely robust and compact design with single-sealed housing to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures
  • Compact and standard package eliminates high-cost platforms and enables easy and fast installation
  • Vertical orientation protects electric motor from raw process gas, drains liquids. and reduces the module's overall footprint

  • Available with power up to 15 MW, with the same pressure and flow ranges as conventional natural gas compression applications
  • Active magnetic bearings eliminate oil system and dry gas seal for higher uptime
  • Diffuser separation system and dust removal device for wet gas compression

  • Subsea gas boosting



The Blue-C™ subsea compression module is a viable solution to extract resources that were previously not economically recoverable. Driven by a gas-filled, high-speed electric motor, and stacked in a vertical orientation, the single-sealed package enables easy installation, and ensures reliable production for up to five years.


Max. pressure rating
205 bar
Max. flow
18,000 m3 hourly production flow
Inlet volume
180,000 m3/hr
Vertical: electric motor on top; single shaft line (rigid coupling)
Operating speeds
3,000 to 11,000 rpm
Centrifugal compressor
Up to 6 stages, NACE compliant
Electric motor
12.5 MW, natural gas cooled, 6.6 kV/1.6 kA
Active magnetic bearings
3 canned radial AMBs, 1 canned axial ABM
6 m x 2 m
Weight (without cooler)
55 tons
Mean time to failure
5 years


The high-tech solution for low-margin wells

The Blue-C™ subsea compression module includes a number of creative engineering solutions that have resolved the significant technical challenges associated with highly reliable yet unattended operation. For example, Blue-C™ successfully eliminates dry gas seals using a gas-filled motor, special materials, and design procedures specifically developed for this application.

Blue-C High Tech


Product qualification

In 2010 at our Le Creusot facility, the first prototype successfully underwent complete factory acceptance test (FAT), mechanical running test, full-load test, and vertical landing test at full scale. In 2011, Blue-C™ was fully validated in a real gas reservoir in Nyhanma, offshore Norway, with a two-year submerged test including seawater cooler, marinized control system, variable-speed drivers, and complete endurance testing. The machine was subjected to more than 294 start-ups, ran at maximum power for more than 72 hours, and was extensively tested in both design and upset conditions for more than 280 days. Results illustrate that Blue-C™ provides excellent reliability under pressure.

Blue-C Product Qualification


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