• Optimize production rates from multiple producing zones
  • Reliably contain produced fluids and pressures within the tubing string
  • Maintain well integrity and protect the casing string
  • Production and injection wells
  • Hydraulic fracturing operations
  • Workovers and well testing
  • Wells on artificial lift


When you need reliable sealing solutions for your wellbore, count on Baker Hughes to deliver the right packer for the job. As a critical component of well completions in production and injection wells alike, our packers effectively seal the annular space between your tubing string and wellbore—containing your fluids while ensuring the integrity of your casing.


Robust isolation for every well completion

Since introducing the industry’s first completion packer more than 80 years ago, Baker Hughes continues to set the standard for innovation and performance in packer technology. Whether you need a production packer or a temporary packer for workovers, well tests, and interventions, you’ll find the right solution from our broad portfolio:

  • Permanent and wireline-retrievable packers
  • Openhole and cased-hole packers
  • Inflatable and reactive-element packers
  • Feedthrough and dual-string electrical submersible pumping (ESP) packers

Many packers give you wide setting flexibility, with mechanical-, hydraulic-, and electrically-set options.

Working with our worldwide network of expert application engineers and field personnel, you can quickly select and deploy the optimal packer solution for any completion—from single- and dual-zone completions to more complex designs for high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) reservoirs, deepwater wells, perforating and hydraulic fracturing operations, multilaterals, and intelligent well systems.

Each packer is manufactured with the highest-quality metallurgies and elastomer materials to suit any downhole condition. Our packers are thoroughly tested and manufactured to the strictest industry standards to help ensure the most reliable sealing where and when you need it.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative today to learn how our packers can deliver reliable, robust sealing solutions that optimize the long-term performance of your well.

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